AP NCAAF Poll 2015: Complete Week 12 Rankings published


AP NCAAF Poll 2015At last four leading team are safe in the College Football Playoff. Behind them, however, is a pile of rubble after a wild weekend that shook the landscape heading into the regular season’s final stretch. In the AP poll Ohio State is on the second position followed by Alabama, Oklahoma State and Notre Dame.

On Tuesday The Associated Press Top 25 offered a semblance of what to expect from the committee in which top-ranked Clemson staying top on the pack. While some teams bolstered the resumes they’ll present to the College Football Playoff committee, a few schools took a major step back Saturday.

After a loss facing Oregon Stanford dropped to No. 15 and Utah fell to No. 18 facing Arizona, effectively ending the Pac-12’s two playoff hopes.

Clemson got a big chance closer-than-expected meeting with Syracuse, the Buckeyes, Crimson Tide and Irish had nothing to do.

In week 11 Alabama churned Mississippi State comfortably at Davis Wade Stadium. Ohio State wins fourth straight game over Illinois and Notre Dame collapsed Wake Forest by three touchdowns.

On the other hand Cowboys had to come back from a 31-21 fourth-quarter deficit at Iowa State.

The Sooners still have a big chance to climb when they face Oklahoma State in the last week of the regular season. The Bears allowed Baker Mayfield to account for four touchdowns in a 44-34 road upset for Oklahoma, which may be enough to put the Sooners back in the playoff race.

Baylor head coach Art Briles said, “We’ve been pretty good running the football this year, so you like to think that you can continue to do that,” he added “But we weren’t very good tonight, and that certainly hurt us because it helps complement the pass. By not being able to run the ball, it allowed [Oklahoma] to do some things on the back end to stop everything.”

AP Poll – Week 12
1. Clemson (10-0)
2. Ohio St. (10-0)
3. Alabama (9-1)
4. Oklahoma St. (10-0)
5. Notre Dame (9-1)
6. Iowa (10-0)
7. Oklahoma (9-1)
8. Florida (9-1)
9. Michigan St. (9-1)
10. Baylor (8-1)
11. TCU (9-1)
12. North Carolina (9-1)
13. Houston (10-0)
14. Michigan (8-2)
15. Stanford (8-2)
16. Florida St. (8-2)
17. LSU (7-2)
18. Utah (8-2)
19. Navy (8-1)
20. Northwestern (8-2)
21. Wisconsin (8-2)
22. USC (7-3)
23. Oregon (7-3)
24. Washington St. (7-3)
25. Ole Miss (7-3)

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