Austin Davis Shocks Brett Favre


austin-davisIt is likely that the Seattle Seahawks were not expecting Austin Davis to do what he did last weekend. In a game that was highlighted by two plays called by his coaching staff that were to say the least risky, Davis’ steady hand was the biggest reason of all that the St. Louis Rams defeated the Seahawks 28-26.

Davis at quarterback completed 18 of his 21 passes against the Seahawks. The numbers were modest, compared to fake punt returns and fake punts, but nonetheless his play at least opened the eyes of a talented former quarterback.

Brett Favre said Austin could definitely play at the NFL level. Favre is the only other quarterback from Southern Miss besides Davis to start more than one game in the NFL.

Favre said Davis could be the next Kurt Warner or Tom Brady. He says Austin only needed to be given a legitimate chance and Sam Bradford’s injury did just that.

The 86% completion percentage by Davis against Seattle set a new NFL mark for accuracy versus a reigning Super Bowl champion.

He also had the second best completion percentage ever against Seattle. The highest to date is Mr. Favre who hit 22 out of 25 passes or 88% for Minnesota versus the Seahawks in 2009.

In the game, this past Sunday Davis was his best at crunch time. Over the first three quarters of the game, he hit 13 of his 14 passes, averaging 5.9 yards a completion. However after the game had been narrowed to two points by Seattle, Davis had to come up big.

He led the Rams on an 80-yard touchdown drive to give them the margin of victory with a late touchdown.

Teammates and coaches alike said they cannot ask for much more than what they got from a quarterback who at the start of the season was third string.

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