Cesc Fabregas is Chelsea’s Future


Cesc FabregasThe signing for $50 million by Chelsea of Cesc Fabregas was somewhat under the radar during the summer break as the former star at Arsenal signed from La Liga giants Barcelona in June.

Since that time, the Spanish international has become accustomed to London life quite remarkably, and has been dubbed by his boss at Chelsea Jose Mourinho as Chelsea’s future.

With veteran midfielder Frank Lampard no longer at Stamford Bridge after dominating for 10 years the midfield for the Blues, Mourinho believes that Fabregas is Lampard’s perfect replacement.

Mourinho said that Fabregas can drive Chelsea on this season and more at central midfield.

Mourinho told the official club website that Lampard has a great history at the club, one no one can forget, but Fabregas is the club’s future and the future at this time is more important that the history.

When watching Fabregas it is hard to disagree with Mourinho. Fabregas is just 27 and after eight seasons at Arsenal, he returned to Barcelona where he scored 42 goals and handed out 48 assists during three seasons.

Whatever the reason was that Barcelona decided Fabregas was surplus and despite the differences he had while Mourinho was at Real Madrid, Chelsea jumped at the opportunity to make the Spaniard their main piece in midfield.

He has great quality on the ball, an ability to score and can sit back on defense making Fabregas the key player at midfield for Chelsea.

He will be used by Mourinho in a role of central attacking and since he already knows the English Premier League he likely will fall right back into the power and pace of the league.

During this preseason, Fabregas has been impressive. He scored the game winner on Sunday against Ferencvaros from Hungary. That is something that Blues fans and opponents will have to get used to as he will be one of their consistent scorers and operate what appears to be a more potent offensive attack at Stamford Bridge.

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