Chris Bosh Worried About Heat, Not LeBron James


Chris BoshChris Bosh the starting center for the Miami Heat raised a few eyebrows on Tuesday when he told reporters he has not spoken to former teammate LeBron James since James left the team to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Bosh made that revelation while being asked about the game Miami will have on Saturday with Cleveland when Bosh as well as Dwayne Wade will play for the first time versus James who made the decision to break up the Big Three in Miami by returning to Ohio this past offseason.

Wade and Bosh, who were free agents at season’s end in June, chose to re-sign and remain in Miami.

Asked by a number of reporters if he had spoken to former teammate James, since the forward decided to leave Miami, Bosh answered with a quick and succinct, “No.”

When asked if he was looking forward to Saturday when he would see James at the game that will be played in Rio de Janeiro, Bosh replied, “Yeah… I am not sure.”

He said he was in a mode where he was trying to lead his team and help his teammates in Miami.

He added that if the guys were not in his locker room, then he did not have much if any time for them.

The first real game for Miami against the Cavaliers and James will be on Christmas Day.

Bosh added that his focus was on his present teammates and not the ones from the past.

The Heat center said everyone will hype up the game, the meeting between Dwayne and I and LeBron, making it a big deal. However, he added for us it is just another chance to get better as the regular season approaches.

Bosh ended by saying it was good to get the first meeting out of the way now so everyone could concentrate on issues that are more important.

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