Derrick Rose Looking More Like the “Old Rose”


While most of the basketball world doubted if Derrick Rose would return to being the same player he was at one time prior to his knee injuries, the former NBA MVP remained steadfast in his belief he had in himself.

If there were ever doubts in his mind that he would be the elite player he was before, he never spoke of them publicly.

His game might have been changed, his mindset might now be different, but his confidence never wavered.

That is why the talented player did not seem surprised when he scored 31 points in just 32 minutes in a 115-106 Bulls win over Portland on Friday.

Aside from Rose hitting 14 of his 24 shots in the game, what pleases his Bulls teammates and coaches the most is that most of his shots came after driving to the rim.

For a second consecutive game, Rose seemed more comfortable driving to the basket, while creating space for both himself and his four teammates.

Throughout the season’s first month, Rose seemed unsure about his place on the court, but the last week Tom Thibodeau the head coach for Chicago has been vocal about wanting Rose to drive instead of just taking outside jump shots.

Against Portland, it was obvious that Rose received the message.

While taking it step-by-step, Rose is returning to the player he was before the injuries and that has to put a big scare into the rest of the NBA. Rose will only get better as he continues to shake off the rust and regain the confidence he once possessed when driving to the hoop.

What was best for Chicago in Friday’s game was Rose paired with Aaron Brooks a backup and carried his team late in the game.

Both guards sliced through the defense of Portland and played off one another.

That look Thibodeau has not seen that much during the early part of the season, but is just what he needs to see.

Rose is looking more like his previous self and that can only be great for his team and scary for the rest of the NBA.

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