DUI Arrest Video: J.T. Barrett tells police ‘I’m the quarterback of Ohio State’


J.T. Barrett
Ohio State starting quarterback J.T. Barrett once again missed a game due to a DUI arrest — TMZ published on Tuesday, but he was trying to show him alike celebrity to avoid arrest.

In this video Barrett’s SUV pullout of line to try and evasion a DUI checkpoint. The The officer charges him telling he has alcohol on his breath, then they takes field sobriety tests and arrest him. His performance was not good enough to avoid him being arrested.

TMZ acquired police dashboard camera footage after he was pulled over by police on Halloween, where Barrett can be heard telling the police, “I’m the quarterback of Ohio State. C’mon man. Officer, there’s nothing you can do?”

The officer answers, “My intention is to not take you to jail. That’s about the best I can do for you tonight.”

You also can see the video footage of Barrett how he’s going through field sobriety tests and places under arrest.

The 20-years-old QB was mentioned for misdeed to operating a vehicle under the influence and pled his offense and had his driver’s license suspended for 180 days with $400 fine. After that he was suspended by Buckeyes the head coach Urban Meyer for the schedule vs. Minnesota on Saturday, Nov. 7 college football.

Here’s video of TMZ Sports: J.T. Barrett was pulled over by police on Oct. 31.

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