FIFA Looking at Reducing Ban for Luis Suarez


luis suarezEugenio Figueredo the former federation chief of CONMEBOL and a Vice President at FIFA told a television station in Uruguay that there is a possibility that FIFA could reduce the length of the current suspension that Luis Suarez is serving for biting an opponent during this past summer’s World Cup in Brazil.

Figueredo said that after a little while longer has passed we would look at how the punishment might be softened a bit.

The FIFA vice president said that when the ban took place, it was next to impossible to lower the amount of time in the suspension because it was based upon solid evidence and prior history, which could not be denied by anyone involved including Suarez.

However, now that time has passed the situation with Suarez is not such a controversial topic and the atmosphere is more stable, which means things could possibly be settled, in reference to his transfer to Barcelona from Liverpool.

So simply looked at since everyone involved was very outraged following the World Cup, since he had bit someone, there was no possibility of reducing his suspension, and so now that plenty of time has passed and many have forgotten about it incident or at least lessened their anger, FIFA could lower the ban.

FIFA was lauded when they handled the ban back in June for Suarez’s third infraction and now people are not giving it any attention and the organization might reduce the length of the ban and that has some angry.

As it is right now, Suarez will be eligible again on October 24, which means he could play the day of the next El Clasico versus Real Madrid.

What is surprising to some is that FIFA is even considering such a reduction in the suspension because of it being the third time that Suarez has been disciplined for the same type of on-field behavior.

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