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Harry Redknapp Supports Temporary Substitutes


Harry RedknappFollowing a loss of 2-1 against Southampton, manager Harry Redknapp of Queens Park Rangers said he could of used a temporary substitute to help is side.

Redknapp needed to use one of his three substitutions only 11 minutes after the match had started with Southampton after Sandro, his Brazilian midfielder suffered a head injury.

Team doctors took Sandro off the pitch where he headed directly to the club’s locker room and did not return.

While team doctors held Sandro out on precautionary measures, Redknapp said he could have been fit later in the match and possibly able to return.

However, Redknapp had to use a substitution instead of play with just 10 players until the midfielder was capable of returning.

Redknapp when asked said the temporary replacement was not a bad idea and it would give doctors more time to make a better judgment on how severe of an injury a player had.

Medical people must be very careful and cannot take any chances because if anything were to happen there could be huge consequences for the doctor’s, the team and the player involved.

After concussions became a hot topic following a number of incidents that took place during this past summer’s World Cup, officials in the Premier League adopted new regulations regarding the handling of all head injuries.

If a player leaves a match due to injuring his head, Redknapp would like to have the possibility of making a temporary substitute giving the doctors the time to care for the other player. He would like that temporary sub not to count toward the 3 overall subs allowed per match.

However, it is unlikely a rule such as this would be added in short order in the Premier League.

It is important for the Premier League and football that proper medical treatment for head injuries is carried out quickly in all matches. Any rule that would ensure the long-term health and safety of all players is a rule that would benefit the game.


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