Javier Tebas Says La Liga Could Play in North America


Javier TebasJavier Tebas the president of La Liga, Spain’s topflight football league believes it is the right time for the game in Spain to take flight in the U.S.

La Liga champions Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Real Madrid are set to lead the attempts at cracking the market in the U.S. with the league president saying competitive league matches one day could be played in the states.

The president was quoted as saying he thought La Liga was the world’s best league and could claim a stake in the sporting market in the United States.

Tebas was quoted as saying the league has fans in every part of the world and our goal is to deliver the product in any format that is necessary.

La Liga today plays in Spain, said Tebas, but there are no borders for the future. He added that La Liga was the world’s best league and would continue working on their global format so the league could be seen the world over.

Atletico and Real have played this summer in the U.S. already and Tebas said he had confidence that the interest level in the clubs showed how strong of a draw Spanish football would be for fans in America.

Close to 110,000 people packed the stands at Michigan Stadium on Saturday to see Real lose to Manchester United 3-1 in the Champions Cup. That was the largest ever crowd in the U.S. to watch a soccer match.

With the world’s best league, Tebas said the competition would be the best with the best players in the world, and that would ensure it would pass the test of the world’s most demanding sports fans.

The time is now added Tebas for the sport to take flight across the U.S. and La Liga considers the market in the U.S. to be a priority.

All resources will be worked with to reach the public in the U.S. with the level of excellence that the La Liga product represents.

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