Jerry Rice Thinks 49ers Should Deactivate Ray McDonald


NFL: Chicago Bears at San Francisco 49ersJerry Rice former Hall of Fame wide receiver of the San Francisco 49ers thinks it would be best if the team would deactivate Ray McDonald, who was arrested last month and accused of assaulting his fiancée.  Rice goes on to say that until and unless he is cleared McDonald should not be participating.  This comes in the wake of other accused abusers Greg Hardy in Carolina, Adrian Peterson in Minnesota, and Jonathan Dwyer in Arizona who have all been either placed on an exempt list by the NFL or deactivated by their respective team.

Rice’s opinion is similar to that of former quarterback Steve Young who had previously said that the 49ers should not hide behind due process.

“I think I’m just like Steve Young — I would have totally just taken him off the field until it’s resolved,” Rice told “But they have decided to let him play, and it’s just unfortunate. I feel that when you have something that’s weighing you down like that, because it’s a very important topic, and it’s very sensitive, I just feel he should have been taken off the field.”

Meanwhile, as the case progresses the San Jose Police Department is releasing very little information about what they have learned thus far.

“As a professional law enforcement organization we try not to offer a personal opinion on incidents we are responsible for investigating,” officer Albert Morales told Matt Maiocco of  “To that end, our investigators continue to diligently conduct follow up investigations on this case.  At this time we are not at liberty to share any information that is directly related to this investigation.”

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