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Kilkenny-meets-Tipperary-Watch  Kilkenny vs Tipperary Live Streaming Online TV2PC Product  . All-Ireland Senior Hurling Final Tipperary  v Kilkenny  Gaa Final on Sunday September 7 will be the final of the All-Ireland Senior Hurling when Kilkenny takes on Tipperary in what should be a real cracker.

When these two clubs battle the victorious side wins either by two points or by ten points with little in between.

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Tipperary was the last team to defeat Kilkenny in the All-Ireland final of 2010 denying them their five in a row. Kilkenny returned the favor the following year.

The rivalry is fierce between the two sides. In the last meeting between the two, Kilkenny defeated Tipperary in the Allianz National League final of 2014 winning 1-15 to 1-27.

Last season both Tipperary and Kilkenny lost in their separate semifinals.

In 2014, both seem entirely different squads including fitness, intensity, strength and determination.

Kilkenny reached the final in the more direct route going undefeated in the summer, beating Offaly by 5-32 to 1-18, then Galway, after a Leinster semifinal draw of 3-22 to Galway’s 5-16 and a winning 3-19 to 1-17 second round.

By being victorious in the final with Leinster 0-24 to 1-9 by Dublin, Kilkenny booked its spot in the semi-final.

Kilkenny worked hard to win the semi-final versus Limerick with Limerick looking dangerous throughout, but with their back against the line, the Kilkenny back line stood tall, defended and dominated.

Kilkenny makes the best use of its 20 men for a complete 70 minutes.

Tipperary’s route to the final was more difficult. It was filled with victories over Galway, Offaly, Dublin and Cork.

Tipperary’s win in the semifinal over Cork was helped on the play of John O’Dwyer, Seamus Callanan, Bonner Maher and Noel McGrath.

Both teams enjoyed a strong year thus far and this game is too close to call. Croke Park is set to be bursting at the seams with full attendance with another hundred thousand or mor

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