Massimiliano Allegri Takes the Reins at Juventus


Juventus Less than one day after Antonio Conte resigned as the manager of Serie A champions Juventus, the club has appointed Massimiliano Allegri as his successor.

Allegri is the former manager of AC Milan. He signed a contract of two-years with the Bianconeri. The club had won three straight Serie A titles under Conte.

The new Juventus manager is 46 and has not worked since this past February when he was fired as the Milan manager. However, Juventus swooped him up and signed him quickly.

At a press conference presenting him as the new manager, Allegri said he was honored to manage the Bianconeri.

He told reporters he did not receive a call until Tuesday afternoon that asked if he was interested in the managing Juve.

He called Juventus a club full of tradition and history and one where he will attempt to make his contribution to help the squad to continue to win.

He looks forward to the challenge of fulfilling the fans’ expectations and sees it as stimulating as it will not be easy to win a fourth consecutive title.

He knows that some Juventus fans will be skeptical about his quick appointment following the shock resignation of Conte, but he knows he will be able to win them over through results on the pitch, hard work, professionalism and respect.

The new manager at Juve will be reunited with midfielder Andrea Pirlo, who Allegri allowed to leave AC Milan over three years ago. He insisted there was no animosity between the two of them.

Beppe Marotta the director of sport at Juventus, when responding to the many questions about Conte’s departure, insisted the club did everything under its power to prevent him from stepping down.

Marotta said that Conte’s run with the club, as manager would never be forgotten, but like so often in sport and especially in football, there are chapters that open and are closed quickly.

A historical one closed and a new one opens today, added Marotta.

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