Minnesota Vikings vs St. Louis Rams preview


The St. Louis Rams will host the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday for the teams’ first game of the regular season. The teams will face off at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis with kickoff at 1:00pm. Last week in the final preseason games of the season, the Vikings beat the Tennessee Titans 19-3 for an undefeated preseason and the Rams lost 14-13 to the hosting Miami Dolphins. The Vikings ended the preseason with an impressive 4-0 record, beating all of their opponents handily. The Rams finished the preseason with a much less impressive 1-3 record.

The key to the Vikings victory is their impressive offensive line. The Vikings offense has running back Adrian Peterson as its focal point and wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson and tight end Kyle Rudolph as the enhancements to the line. If the Rams cannot effectively stop Peterson, they do not have a chance at winning the game.

The Rams’ veteran quarterback Shaun Hill and running back Zac Stacy will be a real threat to the Vikings defensive line. The Rams also have a dominant defensive line with a number of linebackers that showed significant promise during the preseason. If the Rams can outmaneuver the Vikings with their run game, the game is in the bag for the Rams.

Vikings linebacker Brandon Watts is the only player from the team that is expected to sit out Sunday’s game due to an injury. Rams starting quarterback Sam Bradford is out for the entire season after tearing his ACL again.

Latest Line – St. Louis is favored to win by 3.

While the Vikings have the more impressive preseason record, the preseason is rarely an indication of what will occur throughout the rest of the season. Because the Rams are a well-rounded team, the Vikings will have difficulty beating them on Sunday.

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