Oregon Upset by Arizona, But What Does it Mean


arizonaOregon Upset by Arizona, But What Does it MeanOn Thursday night, the Arizona Wildcats pulled out a stunning upset over No. 2 ranked Oregon 31-24. It was the second consecutive year the Wildcats had upset the Ducks in Pac-12 play.

Arizona behind the tutelage of Rich Rodriguez is 5-0 and the team to beat in the South division of the Pac-12.

The upset was the biggest college football has seen thus far in 2014, but likely not the last. The loss was a huge strike against Oregon, but it does not eliminate them from winning out, taking the Pac-12 title and possibly being the inaugural College Football Playoff.

Oregon quarterback and Heisman Trophy candidate Marcus Mariota knew the loss was big and it was written all over his face when he entered the press conference following the game.

Things were supposed to be different this season after suffering through a heartbreaking loss to Stanford last year followed by the upset against Arizona.

However, it looks all too familiar for Mariota and his teammates.

The loss takes Oregon temporarily out of the fight for the national title, but with over half the season remaining.

There are currently 13 teams remaining in the AP Top 25 without blemishes on their record. The committee looks at that, but how much and how many will still be unbeaten when decision time comes.

Oregon, if it has any hope of making it to the final four, must put the loss behind them and prepare to face UCLA next week. That of course is easier said than done as players will be reading about their loss, their mistakes and how they let their season slip away.

Even though no one is sure how the cards will fall going forward, one thing is certain, the Ducks did not have their “A’ game on Thursday against Arizona and the Wildcats took full advantage of the moment.

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