Panthers Greg Hardy Placed on Exempt List


Greg HardyThe Carolina Panthers  defensive end Greg Hardy has been placed on the NFL’s commissioners exempt list until his domestic violence case is resolved. That means Hardy can be around the team but  cannot participate in practice. Hardy has a field  appealed a guilty verdict handed down by a judge on July 15 for assaulting and threatening ex-girlfriend Nicole Holder.

That appeal will be heard in November 17.  However, Hardy’s attorney, Chris Fialko, consistently has said the case likely will not be heard until sometime in 2015 because of the case backload.

That means the Panthers would be without their starting defensive end for the entire 2014 season. By going on the exempt list, Hardy still will be paid his weekly portions of a $13.1 million salary as team’s franchise tag. Had the league suspended him without pay, he would have forfeited salary.

The move comes less than 24 hours after the Minnesota Vikings made the same decision on running back Adrian Peterson who is charged with child abuse.

Hardly regretted the decision that was made but understood it was the only decision that could be made.

“I understand that I need to step away from football right now and take care of this legal matter,” Hardy said in a statement. “I am entitled to my day in court and that’s where my focus should be.

“I am disappointed to leave my teammates and the Carolina Panthers organization during our season. My decision to take a leave of absence allows me to focus on my family until the legal process has run its course.”

The NFL, the Carolina Panthers, and the Minnesota Vikings have been under intense scrutiny for several weeks now over these two cases.  Ray McDonald of the San Francisco 49ers is likely to cause some issues of his own with his legal troubles.



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