Peterson Ponders Retirement and Lawsuit


Adrian Peterson the running back for the Minnesota Vikings had his suspension upheld through at least April of 2015 by Harold Henderson an arbitrator on Friday.

He said he has been so upset by the disciplinary process of the NFL that he has considered retirement.

Peterson said he is planning to file a lawsuit against the NFL. If the lawsuit would put Anderson’s chance for a reinstatement at risk, he said he would consider retiring once and for all.

Peterson said retirement has been a consideration of his. He earned $8 million this season and he has thought about starting back into the real estate business in Texas that he is already involved in.

He has considered the Olympics. He added that he loved football but the situation at hand is much deeper than just his love for the game.

According to one person with a direct link to the situation, a lawsuit on Peterson’s behalf against the NFL will be filed in a Minnesota federal court as soon as Monday.

Peterson said he had an interest in competing for a spot in the Olympics in the 200- as well as 400 meters. He has put a great deal of consideration into it and could pursue that.

Peterson was indicted in September by a grand jury for reckless injury of his son who is 4 years old. Last week he was reunited for the first time with his son at a counselor’s office, since the incident took place.

Peterson said his son ran and jumped into his arms and that the counselor likely was not expecting that to happen.

Peterson said he could now regularly see his son and he spoke with passion about the relationship he has with him as well as the criticism he has taken the past few months since the indictment.

He said many allegations that emerged in a number of reports about what took place were false. One report said he filled his son’s mouth with leaves when he whipped him, which is he completely denies.

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