Rice vs Texas A&M Preview


texas A&M 1The Rice Owls are set to visit Kyle Field as they look to take on the Texas A&M Aggies, the number 7 ranked team in the nation in what will be the 2nd game Rice plays and the 3rd that the Aggies play.

The Owls are coming into this game having lost their season opener against the N0tre Dame Fighting Irish by a lopsided margin of 48-17 in a game that the Owls never really had a foothold in. The Aggies are coming in off of an extremely lopsided win over the Lamar Cardinals by an incredible score of 73-3, simply demolishing their competition.

The Owls lost their opener and are set with another tough matchup this week, one that the Owls will be hard pressed to win as they ae set to take on one of the most potent offenses in the college game this year. If the Owls are going to have any opportunity to beat the Aggies, they will all have to play one of the best games of their collective lives.

The Aggies on the other hand are poised to achieve victory in what should be a relatively easy victory this weekend. The Aggies boast one of the most potent offenses in college football this year, and have shown it by trouncing two straight opponents. The Aggies also have the advantage of playing this game this week, adding to the reasons they will likely win.

The Aggies will win this game with absolutely no doubt. The Rice Owls are quite simply overmatched in every aspect of this game, and will be blown out on the road this week. The Aggies will take this one convincingly at home by the one sided score of 70-7.

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