Sporting Lisbon Takes Nani on Loan


NaniSporting Lisbon announced Tuesday that Nani would rejoin the club on a loan for the entire season.

The Portuguese topflight club announced on their official feed on Twitter that Nani would arrive back after originally leaving the club in 2007.

Nani played over the weekend for Untied against Swansea coming off the bench. While at Manchester United, Nani scored 40 goals in 228 matches in seven seasons.

Nani signed seven years ago with United and returns to his original club with Manchester United to play his entire per weekly wages of £120,000.

Even though the move is temporary at one year, the thought is that it likely will turn into one that is permanent for the Portuguese international, who played for his nation alongside Cristiano Ronaldo in the World Cup this past July in Brazil.

The thought is that Nani was given a last chance on Saturday against Swansea to prove his worth to the Red Devils and that apparently did not pan out.

Sir Alex Ferguson signed the winger 7 years ago and was overshadowed at first by Ronaldo, when the two played together at Old Trafford.

Nani did play well at certain junctures of his time with Manchester United finishing the 2010-11 season with the most assists on the club, but has not played well since.

It is thought that Louis van Gaal the new coach at Manchester United used Nani as bait to finalize the signing of Marcos Rojo the Argentine international who has confirmed his departure from Sporting Lisbon to join United in the Premier League.

Nani will give Sporting a very fast winger who has an excellent cross and very strong individual playmaking skills. Nevertheless, he has not played first team football for quite some time and will need time to adjust to his new teammates and the different style of soccer in the topflight league in Portugal.

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