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James Rhodes – Publisher and Editor

James  is an American born sports writer that covers all sports and has a passion for football at every level He began his journalism career then and has been published on numerous sports websites and publications.

 David Campbell – Senior Writer

David makes his home in Guatemala and follows the worlds greatest games from there. David contributes on all leagues across the world and had over 25 years experience. He has covered 10 World Cups and will do so again this year in Brazil.

Carlos Renteria – Staff Contributor

Carlos reports on the MLS for Soccer News Now, and played college soccer in California where he still makes his home with his wife and two children.

Jake Longfield – Staff Contributor 

Jake started calling soccer matches in his teens and launched a successful career in sports journalism, in particular soccer.  You can find him contributing special features and plate profiles for Soccer News Now. A native Texan he still calls the Lone Star state his home.

Perry Marsh – Staff Contributor

Perry is all soccer, all the time, and covers the MLS for Soccer News Now. He started his journalism career in Seattle and has moved literally all over the world to cover the sport he loves. For now Perry has settled in Chicago where he lives and works.